Success means setting goals, not limits.

Our customers believe this. So do we.

The step-ahead strategy

We aim to strengthen our leadership through continuous internal development, external growth and by offering:

RUPF ATG Casting: Certainty and strength:

we are marked out by our financial strength, an orientation to the future and sound, continuous growth.

RUPF ATG Casting: Technological lead:

For projects, we bring together specialised expertise and resources from across the team and focus them on our customers’ exacting demands. This seamless process creates a unique chain of development and manufacturing, reducing costs and time to market at the same time as increasing productivity and quality.

RUPF ATG Casting: Broad product range:

Due to our extensive manufacturing capability - high tech to cost competitive – we can offer our customers the broadest possible product range and meet practically any demand.

RUPF ATG Casting: Flexible options:

At our plant, we have created a unique, integrated European resource that delivers flexibility and customer orientation.

RUPF ATG Casting: The guarantee:

We invest consistently and systematically in our human resources and technology. Development of innovative, state-of-the-art technologies is inseparable from the development of our people to the highest professional standards. Together they ensure our attention is remains focused on the most important outcome: successfully meeting the customers’ needs.